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This Sale: Estate Sale
Estate Sale of Wilton Scarlett
2115 Country Club West
Hallsville, TX
Wednesday Oct. 24, 2018 thru Saturday Oct. 27, 2018
8:00 - 5:30
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Sale details:

This is a most unusal house, barn and contents also! Come see for yourself - the place will be for sale! We have a reak variety! Something for everyone!

I'm going to start with his many collections - quite a few!
Hall's Superior "Autumn Leaves" which is a huge collection. Also the Corning Ware "Cornflower" may surpass the Autumn Leaves in size. Vintage Tupperware and Rosewood figures! Have hundreds of JOHN WAYNE VCR's and some DVD's.

We have a prayer chair, telephone gossip bench, glasstop hutch, maple hutch, nice Cavaliet cedar chest, Mid-Century modern desk in two pieces, also Mid-Century modern rolltop desk which is a most unusal piece with an antique mirror on it. queen four poster bed, antiqued 50's bedroom set with queen bed, chest, dresser and vanity chest, very nice silverplate pieces! Quite a few cookbooks, small showcase.

Also have an antique tall safe with combination, men's clothing, jeans & cowboy boots.

Have a motorcycle trailer and small utility trailer. Barn contains lots of stuff: scaffoling, conveyor, compressor, air tanks, pallet jacks, masonry tools, cement mixer, concrete buggy, electric hand tools, wheelbarrows, pickup truck tires, tire tools, and an unbelieveable amount of rakes - leaf & hard, shovels, hoes, post hole diggers, sledge hammers & hammers!

Couldn't begin to list everything so come see us!

GPS Coordinates:

32.4955478, -94.612006